LextVision, Inc. (LextVision) offers design/implementation and maintenance services for new construction
projects that include office buildings, retail facilities, manufacturing, warehousing, educational, medical,
hospitality, goverment and multi-tenant residential projects. The specific areas of our expertise are listed

Data Communication Cabling Systems

  • Intrabuilding inside plant cabling

    • Backbone copper and fiber optic riser installation
    • Data/voice cable and component installation
    • IDF / MDF Room buildouts
    • Termination, testing, labeling and documentation
  • Interbuilding outside plant cabling
    • Aerial and underground cable installation
    • Fiber optic fusion splicing
    • Lightning / surge protection installation
    • Multipair copper splices and enclosures

Data Centers

  • Equipment cabinet and component installations
  • Intercabinet fiber optic and copper cable installations
  • Overhead/underfloor cable pathway system installations
  • Patching of component equipment
  • Testing, labeling and documentation
  • UPS and PDU installations
  • CATV System installation / integration
  • Backbone coaxial cable installation
  • Cable and component installation
  • Splitter and directional coupler installation
  • Termination, testing, balancing and documentation

Audio Video installation / integration

  • Design and Build complex racks/systems
  • Custom Installation/Integration
  • Programming

CCTV System installation / integration

  • Termination
  • Cable and camera installation
  • DVR / Encoder installation
  • Monitor Installation and configuration
  • Video surveillance system design and analysis

Distributed RF Antenna Systems

  • Cable distribution calculations, design and analysis
  • Exterior/interior antenna placement
  • Head end equipment installation
  • Heliax Cable installation
  • System balancing, labeling and documentation
  • Satellite Installation and Distrubtion

Emergency/Notification Systems

  • Mass notification
  • Campus notification

Intercom and Paging Systems

  • Amplified and distributed self amplified systems
  • Door and security intercom systems
  • Integrated school intercom and paging systems

Sound Masking (White Noise)

  • Analysis and system design
  • Centralized and distributed system installation
  • Speaker and cable placement
  • Sound level adjustments and system balancing

Telephone Systems

  • Cable system identification
  • PBX and key system equipment installation
  • Voicemail system programming
  • VoIP system installation

Wireless Network System

  • Access point design layouts
  • Antenna placement
  • Cable installation
  • Post installation system adjustment